SAVE THE DATE - Virtual Monthly Meeting on Monday, August 2, 2021, at 9 A.M. (CET)

UvA Education Day 2023

VISION was presented at the UvA Education Day on May 23rd. Ana, UvA’s team coordinator, and Koen, a VISION team member at UvA, presented the project in a group session on ‘Synergies and Friction Between Imagination and Technology’. Their session was part tutorial, part reflection. First, they leveraged the VISION tools to explore imagination in creating new course material, after which they reflected on the imagination and technology synergies and friction points, by starting from the imagination exercise of ‘In a world where everyone can see the power of ChatGPT and other conversational chatbots, what would we like to add to the arsenal of higher education courses to increase the learning effectiveness while lowering the workload of the teaching staff.’

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