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Transnational Project Meeting Amsterdam

From November 29th – 30th, the University of Amsterdam hosted the second VISION Transnational project meeting. This two-day meeting was held at the Amsterdam Science Park in Lab42, the new building of the Faculty of Science that is fully devoted to computer science and artificial intelligence.

The programme of the VISION transnational project meeting in Amsterdam was intensive and productive. On Wednesday, November 29th,  the project partners discussed project organizational topics and the progress of all three intellectual outputs: the Smart Authoring Tool, the Chatbot Tutor, and the E-Course. The partners could conclude that the project is on schedule. Next, Erwin van Vliet (UvA) presented IguideME, the learning analytics tool developed at the Faculty of Science (UvA) followed by a discussion.

On Thursday, two workshops were organized on “Simulation of the creation and development of measures.” First there was a hands on workshop on the Smart Authoring Tool, and next the Chatbot was tested by all partners. It was a great experience to explore these tools in working and to prove that they can be integrated into digital learning platforms like Canvas. The feedback from the participants in the workshop was carefully collected and will be used by the developers to improve the tools.

In the final discussion, partners set up for the next steps and made the necessary appointments.

Programme of the VISION transnational project meeting in Amsterdam

Wednesday, 29 November 2022

  • Welcome by UvA Team and Sandra Hummel (University Graz) (13:00-13:10)
  • Overview of the project (13:10-13:40)
    • Overview, plan, goals
  • Chatbot and focus groups (13:40-14:10)
  • Housekeeping (14:10-14:50)
    • GDPR
    • Timesheets

Break (14:50-15:00)

  • Erwin van Vliet (University of Amsterdam): IguideME (15:00-16:00)

Break (16:00-16:10)

  • Plan ahead (16:10-17:00)
    • Last transnational meeting in Graz
    • Final conference
    • Meetings in the future (dates)
  • Conclusion
  • Social dinner

Thursday, 30 November 2022

  • Workshop, Topic: Simulation of the creation and development of measures (9.00-12.30)
    • Phase 1: Smart Authoring Tool
    • Phase 2: Chatbot
  • Closing discussion and final agreements (12.30-13.00)
  • Lunch and farewell

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