SAVE THE DATE - Virtual Monthly Meeting on Monday, August 2, 2021, at 9 A.M. (CET)

Engaging in critical classroom discussions and participating in student-teacher interactions are crucial in helping students maintain a successful learning process. With the shift to online courses in response to COVID-19, this element was often lost or extremely challenging to execute.

The Chatbot Tutor is an online educational tool powered by an artificial intelligence software that simulates student-teacher interactions through a messaging application embedded directly in the learning management system (LMS).

The Chatbot Tutor helps higher education teachers (HETs) shift their time away from answering the frequent and often repetitive questions from students and provides teachers with learning assessment on each of their students so they can gain a better understanding of their progress and identify areas that they may want to concentrate more on in class. The Tutor also benefits higher education students (HESs) by providing them with immediacy through 24/7 interaction and personalisation by adapting to their needs and specific requirements.

As students communicate with the Tutor, the LMS will dynamically update to personalize their learning experience. The chatbot tutor becomes more efficient as the number of student questions increases. Using the Tutor, these interactions will actually be replicated on a large scale, creating a space where both students and teachers can benefit. The use over several semesters as well as the extent of individual use increases its adaptability and its performance effectiveness.

As this program continues to be developed, updates will be posted. Stay tuned

Below is a snapshot of the Train-the-Trainer structure: For more detailed information, please take a look at the Train-the-Trainer Didactic Concept and the Train-the-Trainer ConceptĀ on the reports page.

Train-the-Trainer structure of VISION